Nectar Hunt

GENRE : Arcade




Evil Bee from Enchanted dark Island has taken one of the flower field from Republic of Bee Island. You have been assigned secret task to collect Nectar from a new field and help your bee citizens. Do it before the Evil bee warriors infect this fresh nectar flowers too.

Nectar Hunt is fast paced endless game featuring 2D art style. The objective of the game is to help the warrior bee to collect nectar by tapping on nearest flower in the bee’s range. Travel to the flower to collect Nectar, outcoming rival bee.


  • Fantastic powerups
  • Face paced game
  • Challenging level designs

User Reviews

  • Game Review

    Game Review Person Name
  • Really well made game :) Been long since a crime mystery game was released. The game works smoothly and looks great as well ^^

    Siddhesh Khatri
  • Looks great! Intriguing story line.

    Sushant Poojary
  • Awesome game !! Loved look and feel of the game...was very engaging :)

    Vijayshree Unnithan
  • Awesome game! Really good game. Hats off to the team who made it good

    Rushikesh D
  • Brilliant!!! After a long time a good puzzle game

    Siddhesh Khatri
  • Awesome puzzle game! I was waiting for this kind of game... addictive and attractive.

    Amol Walawalkar
  • The most addicting game of all time

    Aarti Patil