Online Games

Apar Games is an expert at online game design and development. Since our inception we have contributed over 100 titles around the globe. Our online game design and development team has flash engineers, html5 designers and developers, unity experts and others who help you get the best out of your online game.

Port Casual Downloadable Game to Web

Short timelines, complex engine creations and high quality standards are key points in this type of game development. With experience on all gaming platforms, our Game Design Studio provides porting services that enable clients to access audiences on previously unavailable devices. Porting includes platform specific adaptation of the interaction as well as cross-technology ports where we take existing games and either modernize or convert them from one platform to another. Our Game Design Studio follows a process driven approach that enables us to successfully cater to clients across globe.

Our Approach and Methodology

  • Understanding of your game or game idea
  • Writing game design document or porting design document keeping in mind the device on which the game will be played
  • Interactive Wireframe UI flow creation
  • Creating Prototype with placeholder images
  • Art style samples made in order to finalise on the art style
  • Attaining milestone delivery
  • Testing of every milestone on actual (intended) devices
  • Gold master delivery

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