Scribbled Arena PocketEd

GENRE :  Multiplayer




Disguised in the playful doodle is a thrilling multiplayer experience where high skills are rewarded. Take charge of your tank and head-on for real-time challenges with your facebook friends or any other player.


  • Unique hand drawn doodle artwork
  • Real-time cross-platform multiplayer
  • Endless customization possibilities

Multiplayer Modes

  1. One on one death match : Destroy your enemy and dominate the battlegrounds
  2. Capture the trophy – Be the first one to find the trophy and exit the arena. Use power ups to boost your gameplay or slowdown your opponent’s progress
  3. Coin collection crusade : Be the highest grosser of coins to make sure you win. So be greedy but make sure you don’t get killed by enemy tank.

Single player game

  1. Practice arena : harness your skills here and then get into the arena
  2. Infiltration: Infiltrate into enemy’s arena
  3. Defend your base against the enemy wave

Blend Skills with Customization

Use all your mean skills to upgrade the perfect battle vehicle. Different tanks, weapons and power-ups can customize a battle vehicle that suit your play style

With each upgrade gain more powerful armour and weapons

  • Primary weapon
  • Secondary weapons
  • Explosives
  • Armours
  • AI Bots

Fascinating Powerups

  • Freeze the opponent
  • Shield your tank
  • Tank speed-up
  • Bullet damage capacity enhancer
  • Health capsules

Achievements :

  • Trophy Case: Maximum trophies collected
  • 1st Blood: 1st win in multiplayer mode
  • Recruiter: Invite 5 (n) friends
  • Streak Wins: Consecutive wins in multiplayer mode
  • Challenger: Accept 10 (n) challenge requests
  • Boost: Share your score on Facebook
  • Shout out Loud: Share your score on Twitter
  • And Counting: Kill/Death ratio
  • Treasure Collector: Maximum coins collector
  • God Like: Maximum kills

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User Reviews

  • Crazy Game Playing the game is so easy .. Lag free... And fun

    - Deline Rodrigues
  • Creative and Challenging game. One of the best game in this genre. Creative graphics and game idea with challenging levels. And the best thing is Its multiplayer too. Try and beat me...

    - Joshy Bose
  • This app stole my productive hours in office ... its fukin addictive .. i really liked the art work... smooth and yet effective .. Controls are great too/ very responsive .... Amazing work team ... this one is an instant hit :)

    - Dhruv Kaushik