Social Games


Apar Games helps publishers and advertisers to get their existing game or brand on facebook by adding social features to it. Our social game specialists can also provide you with the game design and development based on your ideas.


Another important module of social game designing. Analytics help publishers with reports on payment analysis, user progression and user retention. This helps in providing error-free data on which to base critical decisions periodically. We offer integration of licensed game analytics APIs like Google analytics, kontagent etc.


Through our game designing services, we blend and use several social game design techniques like competitions, high-score ladders, achievement, compulsion loop design, casual multiplayer design and progression to get you the best social game.


Virtual goods design is an important feature of social game designing. Our game designers bring together the best of ‘freemium micro-transaction’ model, progressive game design for long-term user purchases, monetization and creation of compulsion loop to motivate users to level up or acquire goods.


We also offer monetizing integration services by implementing our clients’ preferred API e.g., FB credits, super rewards or game coins.


For any social game, it is important to assure a seamless experience to all gamers spread across the globe. Cloud services help one to achieve this. We offer integration of services like AWS, Right Scale or any other preferred service by client.


Social game development is a ‘continuous development process’, as it requires a lot of periodic updates to be carried out. Based on user feedback, it may also need minor or major User Interface changes. It is very important to address these issues quickly. We set up dedicated resources to attain these development services for the live game.

Our Approach & Methodology

Technology : PHP, Mysql, Flash, Unity

  • Understanding of your game or game idea (Requirement Analysis)
  • Writing social game design doc
  • Identification of modules based on requirement analysis and GDD
  • Interactive wireframe UI flow creation
  • Art sample creation in order to finalise the style
  • Final art creation
  • Setting up milestone delivery model
  • Creating game with place holder graphics
  • Testing each module
  • Replacing final art into game modules
  • Attaining delivery milestones till final delivery
  • Following periodic development services after the game is live
    • facebook weekly code and art updates
    • Post-release QA

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